My Virtual Art Gallery

Theme: Character Customization

My gallery is all about character design and customization. Each artist has a unique character skin based on how they play the game and how they want to look. My idea was to have them express themselves with whatever skin design they wanted in order to show individuality. I picked these 3 artists because of how they portrayed their own character in game. They all were so distinctive and eye-catching to me so I had to get pictures of them. The customization of skins are endless so it really shows who they are as a person and their own tastes.

Artist: XKdot, Game: Warframe

I really liked that he had 3 unique character designs that he uses regularly based on what type of mission he is playing. Each design is different but it is still the same person. Each character has a special ability as well which is the basis of individuality. He was really excited to take pictures for my gallery. He really wanted to show off his character skins. He also used emotes in the pictures to really show off his personality. I appreciate his work and enthusiasm toward my project. I had him use the screen capture feature on himself in the game so my character wouldn’t show in the pictures.

Artist: shadow88s, Game: Club Penguin

His character design is nothing special on the outside but his actions made his character come to life. He was talking to everyone around the Igloo and telling funny jokes. His character really lit up the room and stood out to me. He told me he was new to the game so he didn’t have any option to do physical character customization but that was okay to me. He liked my idea for my gallery and he wished he could change his appearance but his actions made his appearance.

Artist: bigbrogli, Game: Minecraft

Minecraft is all about building and creating but we can’t ignore the ability for character design. My friend wanted to be displayed in his various character skins because he was proud of his character designs. He created these skins all by himself which showed his creativity and his personality. I personally can’t create my own skins so I am intrigued and impressed by his work. I also had him screenshot himself to get myself out of the picture. The focus should be on his character design, not mine. I appreciate his eagerness to be shown as an artist.


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