The goal of my video was to make an unboxing video and show off my new shoes I just bought. I wanted more structure than just talk about what is happening around me. I am in quarantine so nothing is happening besides sleeping, eating, and doing school work.

I accomplished my goal because I opened my package and showed off my shoes. I also video taped me wearing the shoes to show they fit. It was perfect because the shoes are supposed to be waterproof and it was raining outside.

Next time I would take more videos of just the shoes at different angles. Show off the shoes itself more. A lot of videos care about the product so I should have had a more emphasis on the product.

No, I have never vlogged in my life. I don’t intend to let complete strangers know about my personal life; that is why it is called personal. Also I didn’t think vlogging was that fun.

I don’t have a favorite YouTuber but I do enjoy watching Marques Brownlee’s tech videos. The appeal for me is his insight on tech products. His videos keep me engaged on products that I intend to buy or not buy. The production quality is also quite admirable.

The set up and the structure on how he films his videos is what I took for my video. He usually talks at the camera showing off a product and then has videos of him using the products. He has way more experience than I will ever have so his videos always run smoothly.

I consider authenticity as being true to yourself. As long as you do anything that you want to do then you are authentic. This idea can be what you eat, how you live your life, or even how you look. Performance can be considered the opposite of authentic because an actor isn’t actually that character in real life. He is just acting, hence the word actor. Performance is the action someone does whether it be for their own personal reasons or not. When someone wears makeup, it is a performance on appearance. Even though they can be opposites, this does not mean they can’t exist together. Someone can perform something authentic. If your true self is performing then that is a way to have an authentic performance.

The clips are more authentic but that does not mean that the one in studio is a performance. To me, it matters on how the person acts. Having no makeup on doesn’t change how you act; it changes how you appear to people. So she is more herself at home meaning she is more authentic but in studio she is still being quite authentic to herself.


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