Automatic Drawing

Campus Map
Automatic Drawing
My girlfriend and I making the automatic drawing

Drawing the campus map wasn’t too hard. I knew my drawing was not completely accurate but I do remember the shape of the campus and some of the building locations. I just pictured the campus in my head and drew whatever came to mind. I don’t travel near the LA buildings and the library that often so I didn’t label that many buildings in that area.

The automatic drawing was interesting. I used the backside of my finger painting drawing as the canvas. I got my whiteboard and taped the painting to it. My girlfriend wanted to use multiple colors so we chose four different colors. We kind of “fought” for the direction of where the crayon went but overall it was a different experience. I think our drawing came out well for having our eyes closed and just letting the crayon draw. If we only used one color then I think it would not have came out that well so it was a good idea to use multiple colors. For each color, we reset and let the crayon draw over and over.


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