Remix Culture

A Mug In Space

Internet culture is an interesting topic because the amount of activities you can do is endless on the internet. You have the freedom to look up anything you want and even post or comment anything you like as well. You are even able to do it anonymously if you would like. However, there is a fear that comes with that. When you can do anything, that is a lot of power which can be scary. You have the fear of being hacked or even found because of what you posted. Everything has pros and cons so the ability to be on the internet is empowering while you also have the risk being on there. If you have the ability to be on the internet then other people also have the same ability.

Copyright is a tricky topic and isn’t perfect by any means. Copyright needs to be updated and refurbished for the age of the internet. Copyright was able to work fine because products were mainly physical based on the product or paperwork. However, on the internet there are so many things you can do and even copy people. Copyright doesn’t have a clear cut understanding of products produced by the internet. Copyright should be heavily modified.

The license I chose for work is Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike. I would like to be given appropriate credit for my work. I say NonCommerical because I would like my work to not be used for commercial purposes. Finally, I choose ShareAlike because I am okay with people building upon my work or using my work as a template for new pieces to be born from it. I think it would be cool to see what people can add from my work as long as they credit my and licenses their new creation under the identical terms.

I did Photoshop back in high school so my project wasn’t too difficult but was fun to do. My concept was really simple to do in my opinion if you have the right tools to do it. I got some water in my mug and it formed a spiral shape and reminded me of space. So I took a picture of my mug from the top angle to get the water from above. I got a free space image from Google that had a spiral form. I cut out the space image so it was the size of the water and lined it up as best as I could. Finally, I lowered the opacity to around 60-70 percent so the space fused with the water in the mug. It came out the way I expected it when I first saw my mug. I do admit it that it could have looked better but that is why I chose ShareAlike as part of my license so people can add to the image.


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