Sustainable Art

The idea was to make a bunny with the materials at my home. I was searching through Pinterest for some ideas and I came across this idea so I searched through my house to see if I had the necessary materials. The materials I chose were bunny ears, cotton ball, artificial plant, container, and hot glue. I think my piece expressed my ideas; when I look at the art piece I see a bunny. No, I picked an idea based on the available materials, not the other way around. My mom has an abundant amount of materials around the house so I had a lot to go with.

There is not a standard amount for how long a kiss should be. The kiss length depends on the situation. A long kiss can be quite uncomfortable but too short and its just a pecker not a kiss. I don’t know what a “great” meal means but the meal should last as long as it takes to clean your plate. No leftovers and all the food is gone. A work of art can last forever as long as it is still stands. As long as the original form is still together than that art piece will last. Also it is given that the art piece is still recognized as an art piece. Once the piece of work is not recognized as art then it isn’t. Marriage should last as long as the two people have a bond together and still love each other to be together. A human life should last as long as the human desires and that others recognize the human’s existence.

Artwork and human lives live as long as someone remembers them. If the artwork is forgotten then it shouldn’t be recognized as an art piece because no ones even knows it exists to recognize it. The same goes for human lives. The life of a human lives on as long as someone is able to remember that person’s life. Once you are forgotten then you are truly lost.

Technically water, air, and land is not sustainable or forever lasting. Every object has a finite life span. We will eventually use it up but if we are careful then we can make the lifespan bigger and allow us to live on for longer. Trees recycle carbon dioxide to air for us to breathe but if there is too much carbon dioxide then there will not be enough air for us. Land will be used up eventually when we expand. Most of the water on earth is not usable so the lasting of water is concrete without filters.

One person alone can not make a difference but if that one person is able to assemble multiple individuals together and working together for a singular cause then it can make a difference. Right now pollution is significantly down because we are all at home. Not by choice but everyone is home allowing this transition to happen. It takes multiple people to start something but it always starts with one person.


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